Is a logo really that important?

Yes, yes it is.

A logo is the face of your business. It is how people recognised you. It reflects the businesses culture, personality, and most importantly it shares with the world your values and principles.

It is without a doubt the most powerful marketing tool your business has to offer.

A logo helps to establish your identity and separates you from your competition.

Now days the world is so connected it would be almost impossible for your business to gain any traction without a solid logo telling people the above information.

In plain boring English, a logo is a quick mental shortcut that people can make between product and company.

An example of this is how we can quickly recognise a car just by the shape and make of it rather then the logo on the back.

Using any old logo is not enough to create an identity of its own for your company. A poorly designed and badly thought out logo can be extremely damaging to your business. Whereas a carefully planned, highly executed and well communicated one can be worth its weight in gold.

A logo creates your image

In today’s big corporate world – image is everything. A small marketing company that is growing fast may want their logo to be bold to help show they are aggressive and risk takers by nature. Where you find insurance companies need something that shows solidarity and dependability to connect with new and existing customers.

The issue is that the market is literally flooded with logos, it is estimated that we see around 4000 logos everyday. Which is insane! Therefore it is beyond necessary that your logo has meaning to you and reaches those that shared your values and principles. This helps to set us apart in this big noisy, cluttered world.

Your logo solidifies consumer loyalty

The work of a logo continues to shine even after your identity and brand image have been established. One of the strongest aspects on a logo comes from consistency. Or a popular term that is used in the business world, “familiarity is the key to growing your business.” In the big corporate world this is brand loyalty.

Each and every time your company does anything, advertises, communicates a message or release a new product the logo must accompany it. Overtime people will catch a glimpse on your logo and automatically jump straight to what your company is known for.

The best part is that if you start doing this right from the start, people will see your competitor’s products and still think of you. That is the power of a well craft logo and solid brand identity.

Your logo is the most powerful marketing tool your business has

With a solid marketing plan a companies logo can become the sole reason people buy your product. For instance Nike or Apple are giants in their fields. Even if they do release a slightly sub par product, people will literally weight days in line to be amongst the first to buy one.

That is insane! People identify so much with you and your logo that they are willing to sleep on the street and pay potentially thousands of dollars just to get there hands on your product.

That is the power of a logo.

Invest in a solid logo from the start. Look after it, nurture it and it will bloom into something bigger then even you could imagine.