Wasi – Ecuadorian Cuisine

Wasi, meaning home or house, is a logo for a Ecuadorian restaurant that is opening up in Canberra, Australia.

The logo needs to introduce a new culture to a completely different audience and market. The aim was to create something that reflected the words meaning, and have a warm welcoming feeling to first time customers.


This logo was designed to represent a nation, as well as introduce a new culture to a different audience and market.

The design has come from tweaking a more traditional casual lettering style and adding smooth connections between the core letters that not only improve the logos overall appearance but also enhance the readability of the logo and add a consistency within the negative space.

The End Result

The final logo represents the goals laid out at the start. A logo that looks welcoming, friendly and also represents the people of Ecuador. It appeals to its new market by having the soft curves and clean precise negative space, the impression left here will continue to draw new customers in its growing market.