Or Obscure Science for its formal name is an online community target at high school students that are interested in the many fields of science. It is dedicated in helping those find the area that they are passionate about, where a good place to study is for them and what potential employment opportunities there are once they have finished studying.


The industry of science is huge! There are countless aspects, fields and places to go which can be extremely daunting when you are still trying to sort out what you want to do. The logo needed to show the many aspects of the science industry, from the more mainstream aspects such as Chemistry to the more unique ones like Marine Ecology.

To start with, I wanted to design something that tried to represented all of this, which turned to be really hard. So instead of focusing on the broad topic of science I shifted towards showing the uniqueness of science. This was done by creating something that is slightly out of balance, slightly inconsistent with the angels, yet still balanced enough that it reads smoothly and flows nicely.


I quickly took the rough sketches and blow them up to the large scale to help thumb out the small details easier, especially through the joins and the thins. I ended up filling 2 full A3 pages during this part of the process until I landed upon this refined concept.


The colours needed to be simple and stand out to help achieve the desire out come for the clients goals. That is why a strong simple orange was chosen as it is bright enough to be in your face but subtle enough that it can blended into the back ground if need be. The result is a very clean, tidy looking logo.

The result of all these decisions is a clean, functional logo that can be used across all the social platforms that the community interacts on. It works well in both large and small forms as well as achieving that modern design feel.