Mosaic – Banking on your future

Mosaic is young app that is targeting the young people of Australia with the goal of helping them be smarter with their money. A tough ask, considering Australia has the highest credit card debt in the world and the major banks are targeting young people to squeeze to get more out of them.

This app aims at helping them track there habits better, teach them how to invest with direct in app access to the stock market and by showing them directly where there money is going.

The financial institution have’s this mystery around and it takes making mistakes and losing money to finally get a basic understanding of what is going on. In a age where this does not only affect the here and now, these mistakes can have a lasting repercussion for years to come.

Mosaic is going to bring down the curtains and help the youth of Australia be better prepared for there futures.


Money, no one likes to talk about it yet it controls nearly every aspect of our lives – but what if there was a smarter way to deal with money and prepare ourselves for the future?

This is the aim of Mosaic and therefore the aim of the logo. Mosaic is specifically targeting 18-25 year olds both male and female and one of the most at risk demographics when it comes to financial struggles. The logo that we are cresting needs to attract these people, in still trust with them and help them on there path to financial freedom.

This is a tall order, especially for an app logo. This is because app stores have become a noisy place, so we need something that would not only hit all of those above goals but also be able to attract an eye inside a noisy environment.

How this was achieved was through a bit of left winged thinking. I approach all my logo design process with the aim of creating something that is strictly letter/ word based, as that is my speciality. But after doing a heap of research and sketching I quickly found out that this is not going to achieve all of our goals.

So, I made two custom types – a strong slab bold style for the word ‘Mosaic’ and a smooth script type for the slogan ‘banking on your future’. Combining these with a graphical icon makes the logo really stand out. Technically yes, I still made everything using letters but it just had bit more freedom with how we did it.

Icons and Colour

Part of the logo was to make sure that it could be easily found within the app store and a hand lettered logo is not always the best solution for this. So instead we made an icon based around the shape of a capital M.

The colours where chosen for the ‘wow’ appeal while also being selective on who they are targeting. The the bright colours not only work well together but they are targeting very specifically the audience that Mosaic is trying to reach.

The result of all of this is a logo that works in both small confined areas as well as in large spaces, targets and reaches the desired audience and in stills trust with the aim of developing a relationship with the customers to help them be more successful with their money heading into the future.