Marcos Coffee

Marcos Coffee is a new coffee shop opening up locally specialising and only serving coffee. Which is something that I resonate with. Specialising in only one aspect of a much larger field. This attention to detail can absolutely been seen in the quality of the coffee produced and their attention to detail. The understanding of the beans and brew, the passion of the team and the expertise demonstrated is second to know, producing some of the finest coffee around.

It was essential that the logo showed this and spoke to the values of the new brand and the quality they as a business are aiming for.


In the early stages of the process a serif font was decided upon for the direction of the logo, as it helps to speak to the high quality of the coffee and staff. To start with it was more of a traditional serif font, until the soft curves where added onto the serifs to help soften the flow of the word and give it a more welcoming feel. The “M” “A” “R” where initially all separated, but this made the word look chunky and didn’t suit with the goals of the project. By joining them together the word now reads much smoother as well as fixes the kerning issues from then they where apart.

Icons and Colour

Part of the goals of the project was to design something that could not only be used on print material for the store but also digitally for the website and social media pages. The little social media icon sits nicely within the rest of the branding and adds to the uniqueness of the business. A pattern has also been created using the icon version of the logo for the take away cups to give the overall branding more depth as well as a uniqueness to shop. This all helps add to the hand made feeling of the coffee and the business.

The colours are rather simple but work extremely well together to add to the quality feeling that the logo must bring for the business. The two colours together give the logo a very clean and peaceful feel and works well blue on white, as well as white on blue.