Creating a brand that cares

All great logos generate an emotional response from a business or brand’s audience. This is no accident. A great identity takes time, skill and hard work, but it helps solve a business’s problems and creates new opportunities.

I take pride in my willingness to listen, learn and adapt. I am constantly improving my craft, my service and my relationship with clients. I believe personal and professional growth are the same thing, and giving customers a brand they can trust is the key to success. If you share these values, please read through my process and fill out the questionnaire below. This is the first step to creating something memorable for us both.

Brand quality

Successful brands don’t leave anything to chance. They value their time and need the best solution for their problems. They know their service or product needs to have the backing of an image that represents everything they stand for, touches the right audience and builds trust.

The right logo is a magnet for success. With a custom solution to your problems, made with custom designed type, you are choosing the best results for your brand.

Building trust

Trust is the cornerstone of a successful project. Trust in a professional service removes the stress and struggles of the job. If you run a business, your time is precious. The way I work saves you the most important resource of all – time. In this way, you can focus on your priorities and put your trust in me to meet your needs.

Trust is a process and not established right away. . I will trust that you are an expert in your field, so I hope you trust that I am in mine. The questionnaire, deeper discussion and constant communication will build this trust, forming a partnership dedicated to the success of the project.

The right mentality

My clients deserve the best of my knowledge and skills. If you are interested in quick, cheap, short minded solutions look elsewhere. My goal is to create logos that are timeless. . This can be done with all logos for all businesses.

The way I go about client interaction and logo design has come from years of study, adaption, reapplication and iteration. I’ve made mistakes along the way, but I’ve also learnt the best process to get results for my clients.

1. How to put together a request

Putting together a request can be a scary process. You probably have a lot you want to discuss, but might be unsure about your options. To help, I’ve put together a questionnaire to take you step by step through the core information needed for your project.

To guarantee high-quality work and the best solution for each client, I am very selective about who I work with. The level of passion and enthusiasm you have for what you do, the level of quality in which you do it, how clear your goals are, and the level of trust and freedom you are willing to give me as your designer all factor into our professional relationship.

2. Discussion + contract

Here we dive deep into your problems and goals, developing trust and establishing a working relationship. Trust lays the foundations for successful project workflow. We will be absolutely transparent with one another so we can start the project on the right foot and with 100% confidence.

This part of the process is often the longest, as it takes time to uncover problems and find a clear path for the project


This is one of the most important things we will discuss. Your goals. Together we will find the best path to solving your problems.


How much do you charge?’ cannot be answered until we’re done talking, and the scope of the project is defined. I don’t charge by the hour, so we need to have a clear understanding of project goals before money is discussed.

Contract walk through

Once we have finished the discussion phase I will send you the contract. It will cover every detail of the project. including:

• When the project will start and finish
• What files you’ll receive
• How much it will cost

I will also walk you through the details of the contract so nothing gets overlooked. Once a signed copy of the contract has been returned, the project can begin

3. Behind the scenes

Logo design is a process that requires constant re-evaluation, sketching, yelling, deep thought and coffee. It’s not something that can be imagined the first few minutes after talking to the client. It takes time to develop an idea then turn that into something tangible. This happens multiple times until the right idea is found.

The work is based on the discussions we had at the beginning of the process and is tailored to your audience, the goals and the problems we uncovered together. Everything that comes to mind gets fleshed out. This way, an objective decision about which direction to take for the project can be made.


Many ideas can look good, but once they get going they can often turn into false hopes. Making these decisions is why you hired me. I will not subject you to design decisions. What I mean by this, is that you will not be provided with options. You will be given one solution. As an expert in my field, I can make an objective decision about what the best solution for your project is. One that will meet your goals, solve your problems and serve your customers.


After the right idea and concept has been established, it is fully fleshed out and refined with pad and pencil. Personally this is the best stage for me because I love design. A lot of time is spent at this stage, refining, tweaking and polishing until it is close to the final version.

Refining and vectoring

Here we put it into the computer and test for all the possible usages of the logo including legibility, colour, sizing, printing standards and web formats. Then I leave it to rest for a few days and return with fresh eyes. This way I can spot the imperfections and refine with a higher level of quality control.

4. Delivery and case study

Once it’s done, a detailed case study will be sent to the client laying out every step, decision and thought that went into the creation of the logo. This allows the client to fully understand how their problems were solved and their goals met.

Once final payment has been received, the high-quality files and branding guidelines will be delivered. The branding guidelines regulate the proper usage of the logo to maximise its effectiveness and should be given to any other designer that might come into contact with it (printers, in house branding work, web designers).

Options and revisions

A reminder: Multiple options will not be provided and only one revision will be given if required. Frankly, multiple options can be confusing and lead to muddled outcomes that will not meet the project goals. Our relationship entrusts me to make the best objective choice, based on reason, goals and research.

Before filling out the questionnaire, please consider these points. Multiple options will not be provided and only one revision will be given if required.I choose to work with professionals who are experts in their field. Trust me to be an expert in mine.

The process in action

Here you can see the finished work that my process creates. It has been tested, refined and re-visited on many occasions and will continue to be developed over time to create the smoothest project for you, the client, and me, the designer.

Ready? Here is the questionnaire

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