We all want to stand out from the crowd. Especially now days, the Internet has become a huge, loud and noisy place making it even harder for our little voices and expressions of uniqueness to shine through.

This is why, especially in design, we develop our own styles that help our voices shine through and help deliver that punch to our message.

Now right from the get go I want to be clear, developing your style does not happen over night and can sometimes take years to create.

If you define your style too quickly it can come across as forced, unnatural and people will not resonate with your content or your message.

A style is something you settle into. It comes after a heap of work and wading through all the muck and crap to get there.

I originally wrote about style just over a year ago and thought that at that time I was just starting to settle into my own style. As it turns out my work has grown, adapted and developed into something extremely different to what it once was.

As I sit here now and writing I am thinking that I still have a ways to go but I can always see things falling into place when it comes to creating and carving out my own style and expression.

Developing your own style can come across as somewhat daunting and intimidating. Now days I see it more as a challenge, but I remember when I was starting I saw letter after letter creating these amazing pieces of work so consistently that it was intimidating.

Now I see those same letterers and I can instantly recognise who created it and have an association for their work and who they are locked into my head. That’s where I am want to be one day, people see my work and instantly know that it is me who created.

That is the power of developing a unique style.

So the super simple answer to “how do I find my own style?” is to keep creating consistently and you will automatically develop one of your own.

I know that’s not the most amazing answer ever given but that’s the truth. The more you create the better you become and the better you become the more you try and before you know it – you have been creating work in the same style for the passed 10 drawings and can’t seem to get enough of it.

Our brains are an interesting thing, they adsorb so much information during the day and some how manage to organise it into thoughts and knowledge. One thing our brain isn’t all that good at is organising similar things.

For instance, if all we consume is lettering videos and pictures our brain gets confused with all the little details that make each one special and before you know it has mixed it all up in our heads ready for you to spit it out onto the page.

Basically this is how our style is created, 2 things need to happen. 1) Create a heap or stuff and 2) consume a heap of stuff.

By getting all that inspiration and lettering knowledge into our heads it will get all mixed up into lettering soup, then we can start to create from this source. Because it is all mixed up, when we call on this source of inspiration and knowledge we don’t copy anyone person. We start creating new stuff, new lettering soup ingredients for someone else to consume.

Finding our own style takes time and energy. It helps people make a connection with us, allows then to instantly recognise us in a big noisy world and gives us a way to communicate clearly with the world.

Take your time, draw a heap and consume even more, keep learning and applying what you have learnt to create bigger and better things.