Helping people and businesses succeed through custom type logos

Hi, I’m Jordan Napper from Canberra, Australia, and I love letters.

As a student of design and a lover of typography, it’s little wonder I became ahand-lettering artist and custom type logo designer. My constant interest in how things work, why they are made and what problems they solve pushes me to be a better designer and letterer.

Each week on my blog I share what I know about lettering for people who are just starting out on their design journey. To help teach them and inspire them to succeed.

Why hand-lettered logos?

There are over a hundred thousand fonts out there, so why draw letters? Why not just use one of those? Surely they’re the same. .The simple answer is that it’s a custom, unique and bespoke solution to your problems and your goals. The letters I draw are tailored to your and your audience’s needs and wants. People buy custom suits, furniture and accessories. Why not have a custom type logo created just for you, something unique that you can call your own? In this hyper-competitive world your business can stand out from the crowd.

For the love of letters

Letters are awesome. They have been used to document the path of human history and will continue to do so well beyond our time. As humans, we crave stability and consistency, so it’s hard to go past something as old as a letter form.

My passion for lettering means I specialise in creating the perfect custom type logo for your business and its needs.

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