I’m Jordan Napper, a custom type logo designer with a passion for small and obscure details.

A logo is the most important visual element of any brand. People associate emotions with it, positive or negative, affecting the overall success of the business..

I want to create a visual mark that will instil trust, quality and excellence in your audience.

The Power of a Logo

Is a logo really that important? Yes, yes it is. A logo is the face of your business. It is how people recognised you. It reflects the businesses culture, personality, and most importantly it shares with the world your values and principles. It is without...

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Finding your Voice

We all want to stand out from the crowd. Especially now days, the Internet has become a huge, loud and noisy place making it even harder for our little voices and expressions of uniqueness to shine through. This is why, especially in design, we develop our...

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Recently I have found my self hitting the snooze button on my alarm more and more in recent weeks. To the point where I am scrambling to get small task done so that I can be organised and ready for work. This has become a bad habit and one that I am...

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